Idaho Centennial Trail

This winter has been long!

Riding has been limited to the Murphy area. I always feel guilty riding those trails; they are so overused and crowded.

My good friend Andrew called and wanted to do the Idaho Centennial Trail this year; I piped up, “Lets do it this month,

I have had some great rides in the Owyhee’s since March, I love the desert this time of year.” Andrew, being the instigator, organized the group. Since we are a bunch of middle age has-ben thrill seekers, the group seemed like a slam-dunk.
Our group started with Chris Robin AKA Rooster
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Adventure in Trail Braking

After talking to Nick Lenatsch at the World Superbike races 2 years ago I decided to explore his website A great site with many riding tips but one over all theme, the virtues of trail braking. Nick claims lives are being lost because we have all been taught to not brake in corners. After reading a number of his essays and videos I decided to explore the concept.
I read his book Sport Riding Techniques back in 2003. I also bought into his theory of 100 points of traction. That is about all I came away with from the read, with the exception of maintenance throttle, but it has served me well. Consciously thinking about traction allocation while riding is at the very least a good mental exercise.
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Refried Mexico

It started with a conversation with Shawn at TJ’s KTM in Austin, I was ordering a part.
“It’s been real hard to go through all of Macks stuff. His mother asked me to get all of it together and sell what I can. Hey John, I have pair of riding pants that are in good shape but used. No one has been interested in them and he would have wanted you to have them. I am sure of that. I am going to send them to you.”, said Shawn. I thought to myself why would I want my deceased friends pants? This is really morbid; I am trying to put this behind me.
A couple of weeks later they arrived and I thought what am I going to do with these?

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